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Is Slovak Baby Box safe for the baby?

Safety is our priority. Our boxes are manufactured by a trusted producer in Finland where the invention of the baby box is from. Materials used for manufacture are tested and guaranteed to be safe by manufacturer. Finnish parents use these boxes as portable cribs for their babies. The Box needs to be stored in dry place away from the fire and babies are not to be carried inside them rather hold your baby first and then move the box if needed.

Where do we get essentials for the Slovak Baby Box?

The essentials in the box come from Slovak and foreign makers. We prefer Slovak makers but at the same time we wanted to offer you a wide variety to choose from all around the world. In a Slovak Baby box you will find clothes and accessories from trusted makers like Mile, Done by Deer, Suavinex, MAM and others.

Can this Baby Box be purchased anywhere else?

You can purchase Slovak Baby Box exclusively on our web site. Idea of creating this box was initiated during a business trip to Finland where mothers have been getting these boxes as government support for almost 90 years. However Slovak Baby Box with its contents can be found exclusively here. We ship our boxes internationally as well.

What does Slovak Baby Box contain?

Baby box comes with clothes for babies, toiletries, teats, bottles and other useful accessories and essentials for babies. In the Classic Slovak baby box you will find 45 goodies and in the Luxury Slovak Baby Box more than 55 of them.

How do we choose our essentials for Baby Box?

Essentials are chosen based on current collection of designers and their availability.

What is the difference between The Box, Classic Baby Box and Luxury Baby Box?

The box consists of the box itself, mattress and bed sheet. Classic and Luxury Baby Boxes contain also essentials for babies. Difference is with the contents of essentials as well as the brands and designs of clothes. In Classic Baby Box you will find mostly white cotton clothes and in the Luxury Baby Box we are introducing clothes from different Slovak makers. It also contains some more valuable essentials like baby carrier, car seat canopy, blanket and hoodie towel.

How do I pay for the box?

You can pay in 2 different types of payments: online credit card payment or money transfer to our bank account.

How long does the shipping take?

We strive to ship boxes as soon as possible. We ship usually within 24hrs from order placement. Delivery time then differs based on selected type of shipment. You will be informed about shipment of your order by email.

How do you ship our orders?

Baby boxes are shipped by courier services or you can personally collect your order at our pickup location: Pražská 11, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia. We will inform you by email as soon as we ship your order.

What to do if my delivery is damaged?

Damaged delivery is not to be collected. Write a report of the damage and leave it with the courier and contact us by email. We will sort out the situation with the courier and send you a brand new delivery.

What if the Box is missing contents?

Please check your delivery as soon as you collect it. If you are missing items please contact us immediately. We will ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Is the 14 day return policy applicable on The Baby Box?

Yes. Complete Slovak Baby Box can be returned within 14 days and your money will be refunded. However the box must contain all the contents and must not be damaged.

Can I physically see and touch Baby Box before I buy?

Certainly, you can arrange with us to view the product at our office address/ pickup location: Pražska 11, Bratislava, Slovakia, where we will explain to you all the benefits and show you our amazing Slovak Baby Box. After viewing you can purchase it at the same address.

What are dimensions of Slovak Baby Box?

Box interior dimensions are 68,8 cm x 41,8 cm x 26,6 cm a lid interior dimensions are 70,6 cm x 44 cm x 7,2 cm.

Is it possible to customize the content of the box?

We are flexible within the products that our boxes already contain. So you can replace anything you do not need for any other product (s) worth no more than the price of the unwanted product. If you are interested in swapping some products, please contact us in advance via e-mail to verify options.

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