Welcoming your baby with Baby Box

Is your essentials starter kit ready? No, don’t panic! We stuffed our Baby Box with lots of useful essentials for your baby. Free shipping within Slovak Republic.

Starter Kit for your baby

Enjoy waiting for your baby’s arrival stress-free. In our boxes you will find all the essentials needed for your baby’s first months.

The best for our youngest

Box as well as essentials in it come from trusted Slovak and foreign makers. While choosing essentials for our Boxes we focused on quality, functionality and design. At the end of the day babies deserve the best, right?

Get to know the Slovak Baby Box

Slovak Baby Box comes in 3 variants - Classic, Luxury and Basic. Choose the starter kit which best suits your baby.

Our Boxes

Slovak Baby Box is inspired by Finnish maternity starter kit. Parents will find in it useful essentials to enjoy their first moments with their baby. Baby Box Classic and Luxury contain high quality essentials for babies from best known foreign and Slovak makers like Mile, NUK, Done by Deer, Suavinex or MAM. In the boxes you will find  baby clothes, toiletries, teats, bottles and other essentials for your baby care.

Why Slovak Baby Box?

All in

Save hours of your time. We choose all essentials which will be needed for your baby in his/her first months of life. We thought of quality and original design at the same time.

High quality and safe materials

The Baby Box as well as all the essentials in it are made of high quality materials coming from trusted manufactures. At the end of the day safety is our priority


The Baby box has a cute unique design and is fully functional as a portable baby crib. The top of the box can be used as a changing pad.

Practical and
designer gift

Would you like to bring some joy to expecting parents or are you looking for an ideal gift to a Baby Shower? The Baby Box is both a practical and tasteful gift. Parents will love it and it will definitely be enjoyed by the baby as well.

The use of your Baby Box

Portable baby crib

Portable baby crib

Baby Box can be used as portable baby crib in the first months of your baby’s life. Baby will sleep nicely in your living room or while visiting grand parents.

Changing mat

Changing mat

Cover of the Box can be used as changing mat appreciated mainly by those handy mothers.

Storage of toys

Storage of toys

The Box itself can be later used as storage for toys and other stuff. Our Boxes are beautiful decoration for kid’s room as well.

Box of memories

Box of memories

You can transform your Box into the Box of memories filled with photo albums, pictures, drawings and other artworks of your kids.



Kids can transform the Box into a plane or a racing car. Fantasy of our kids knows no boundaries.

  • vybavicka

I bought Baby Box as a gift for my best friend and I am thrilled about the things it contains. I cannot wait to give it to her! Thanks


Perfectly chosen things, that’s exactly what I needed. I saved a lot of time, thanks.


  • vybavicka