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Basic Baby Box


The Slovak Baby Box Basic is designed to serve as a great gift for a future mum who already has the baby's starter kit, or she is expecting another baby. It includes a box with a cover, a quality mattress and a canvas, which makes it a fully functional and safe portable baby nest and is packed with quality clothing. All pieces of clothing are made in Slovakia and you can find a beautiful mix of brands Antony, Mile, Moe or bodysuites from our Slovak Baby Box brand. If you need more essentials to your starter kit, check out our Classic version.

Free shipping within Slovak Republic.

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Handmade blanket 50.00 including VAT

Handmade blanket made in Slovakia. Each has a different pattern&colour, so it’s a unique gift, which makes it a perfect match to the Box.

100% cotton  Oeko-Tex® certificate

Baby Wrap Boba 35.00 including VAT

Elastic wrap comfortably wraps even newborn babies.

95% cotton knit is woven with 5%spandex

length 4,5m, width 48 cm

Avent Manual breast pump 39.90 including VAT

Avent Manual breast pump contain small number of parts for intuitive assembly and easy cleaning.  Compact design for ease of use, storage and transport.


Baby Box contents

  • 1x Box

    Cardboard box with cover

    Slovak Baby Box
  • Benab Mattress

    1x Mattress

    OEKO-TEX certification

  • 1x Fitted bed sheet

    OEKO-TEX certified, material Amitesse

  • Antony scratch mittens

    1x Scratch mittens

    100% cotton

  • Slovak Baby Box Short sleeve bodysuit

    1x Short sleeve bodysuit

    100% cotton, size 68

    Slovak Baby Box
  • Slovak Baby Box Long sleeve bodysuit

    1x Long sleeve bodysuit

    100% cotton, size 62

    Slovak Baby Box
  • Antony Long sleeve bodysuit wrap

    1x Long sleeve bodysuit wrap

    100% cotton, size 56/62

  • Anotny Jump suit

    1x Jump suit

    100% cotton, size 56

  • Overal Mile Abeceda

    1x Overall

    100% cotton, size 56

  • Mile Clothing Hat

    1x Hat

    100% cotton

    Slovak Baby Box
  • Antony Hat

    1x Hat

    100% cotton

  • MOE socks

    1x Socks

    90% cotton, 5% Polyamid, 5%Elastan

  • Antony overall

    1x Overall

    100% cotton, size 56

  • Tights Mile

    1x Tights

    85% cotton, 15% polyamid

  • Antony cotton bib

    1x Cotton bib

    100% cotton


What the Basic Baby Box contains

Variant Basic, the ideal gift for expecting mothers, contains 15 things. In addition to the box with a mattress and bed sheet, you can find the clothes made in Slovakia that will make the baby use in any circumstances.

Antony scratch mittens
Slovak Baby Box Short sleeve bodysuit
Slovak Baby Box Long sleeve bodysuit
Antony Long sleeve bodysuit wrap
Anotny Jump suit
Overal Mile Abeceda
Mile Clothing Hat
Antony Hat
MOE socks
Antony overall
Tights Mile
Antony cotton bib
expanded box

Baby is not to be carried and moved inside the box at any time!

When moving please pick & hold your baby first. Please take care when storing your box, it is not supposed to be stored in wet environment or next to the open fire.

Color variations of box

the box menthol grey yellow beige

The use of your Baby Box

Portable baby crib

Portable baby crib

Baby Box can be used as portable baby crib in the first months of your baby’s life. Baby will sleep nicely in your living room or while visiting grand parents.

Changing mat

Changing mat

Cover of the Box can be used as changing mat appreciated mainly by those handy mothers.

Storage of toys

Storage of toys

The Box itself can be later used as storage for toys and other stuff. Our Boxes are beautiful decoration for kid’s room as well.

Box of memories

Box of memories

You can transform your Box into the Box of memories filled with photo albums, pictures, drawings and other artworks of your kids.



Kids can transform the Box into a plane or a racing car. Fantasy of our kids knows no boundaries.